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[Free Webinar] 5 Ways to Turn Your School’s Brand Into an Inquiry Generation Machine

Little-known Online Branding Tips to Boost Your School's Community Engagement Through Digital Word-of-Mouth Communications
Webinar Description

*Do you want to spread the word about your school? This free webinar is a practical, no-nonsense guide to help you grow your enrollment on a small budget.You'll learn the latest strategies and techniques to improve your school's marketing return-on-investment. We'll help you get started with one of the most affordable, yet effective, methods for getting the word out, building awareness and ultimately generating inquiries.We'll go through the best channels to get your message across and where you should spend your marketing dollars to get the most out of your budget. Finally, you'll learn how to target the right parent audience and which are the critical elements behind any effective online enrollment funnel. By learning how to embed the psychology of reciprocity into your online presence, you'll be able to multiply the number of parents you get through your school's doors.*




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