Alexis Marinopoulos
Co-founder at Enrollhand
Three Steps to Help You Steer Your School In This Whirlwind of Change
The World of Education
In this new world that is dawning, your school is once again making a first impression. Parents are seeing you in a different light. They're asking themselves, Have they got this, or are
Learning is a lot like surfing...
The World of Education
While raising my 3yro & 6yro I'm realizing the value self-paced learning. Learning is like surfing; push too early and you're wiped out by the wave, paddle too late and the wave passes
What if you cannot differentiate your school?
Branding Strategies
What if you cannot differentiate your school?  Faced with increasing competition, the strategy for most schools is to differentiate. This involves offering families something that the school down the road cannot or does
Ask for Social Shares on Your 'Thank you' Pages...
Marketing Tactics
Most school websites send email subscribers to a generic 'thank you' page that doesn't give them any additional action to take. We recommend a strategy that replaces your "dead end" thank you page
How To Prepare Your School for a Downturn?
Some thoughts on September's economic indicators and why they matter for your school... It seems that we've had another strong month of economic activity nationwide! We added another 136,000 jobs in SeptemberOur
What's Your School's ROI  for Each Family?
The World of Education
Why is public education winning out to such an extent over the past 20 years? Public education enrollment has grown by about 8% since 2001, while private school enrollment has dropped by a
A True & Delightful Short Story That Will Make You Rethink Your School's Branding
Branding Strategies
When talking to our clients about school branding, I sometimes feel a faint skepticism in the air. The unspoken reaction is this, "we are not THAT unique... How can a [small parochial, typical
The Untapped Opportunity of Private Foundations for K-12 School Funding
Grants & Fundraising
Why wouldn't you focus on the $600 billion worth of grants given out by the government? Why should you instead concentrate on the $10 billion coming from private foundations? There are four reasons
How the 'Stealth Applicant Effect' is Affecting K-16 Enrollment Nationwide
Growing Enrollment
Do you know what's a ‘stealth applicant’? It used to be that you got to speak to most families considering your school. If I had a dollar each time I heard, ‘when I
School Branding Over the Decades
Branding Strategies
I've been watching "Mad Men" reruns recently. They made me think deeply about how marketing & branding have evolved over the decades. Here are Madison Avenue's themes since the 1950s: 50s - Comfort,
Will School Choice Decline?
The World of Education
Today more than half the United States (about 30 States) offers some kind of extended educational choice to families: Individual Tax Credit/DeductionTax Credit/Deduction, VoucherOpen EnrollmentCharter SchoolsEducation Savings AccountWhatever your view, we
Are Schools Stuck in the Past?
The World of Education
Here are a few things that didn’t exist last time Tiger Woods won the Masters: Twitter, iPhone📱, iPad, Kindle, 4G, Android, YouTube, App Store, Uber, Airbnb, Blockchain, Bitcoin, 🎧 Spotify, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp,
How to Persuade Parents Using the Discovery Approach
Marketing Tactics
We've just partnered with a wonderful PBL focused school in Southeast Seattle -in the wooded Seaview neighborhood just south of Alki Beach. Like a sailship floating above Elliott Bay, reserved for about 240
Your School is NOT a Starbucks
The World of Education
I had landed in Portland, Oregon the night before. I had gotten a total of 5 hrs sleep. Before heading to my first meeting, I walked into a Starbucks, a few miles down
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