Andreas Marinopoulos
Co-founder at Enrollhand
Will the Consumerization of Education Continue?
In this episode, Jennifer and I talk about how student engagement is an outcome of strong pedagogy. We then describe a new generation of global education companies that are partnering with school districts.
Why The Teacher's Job Should Be Unbundled
Build something kids will love and then figure out how to accomplish academic objectives within this highly motivated kind of environment. I like that as a first principle of building a new school.
From Transferring Knowledge to Transforming Students, with Andrew Barry, Founder of Curious Lion
In this episode, we learn how everyone can design online learning experiences to repeatably effect transformations in their students' lives. Then we try to sketch out a future of what happens when more and more teachers can generate these transformations, what a world that will be!
🧭 Roadmap Club, a Feedback Loop All Schools Should Have
In this episode, we catch up after our first chat 2 years ago. Then the school was just starting, now there is an innovative yet mature high school operating entirely online. It is the first digital-native high school I have studied closely, so I wanted to dig into their entire operating system.
420 Learning Guides Coach Learners Towards Mastery, with Kelly Smith, CEO at Prenda
Engaging Your Community
Our guest today is Kelly Smith. He is the founder and CEO of Prenda schools, a network of microschools that is spreading like wildfire across state lines, bringing project-based learning and mastery-based education to a neighborhood near you.
Full-stack, deep learning that feels like an emoji shower 🎉🎉
A coach appears as the governor of Wisconsin, a task force is put on a major water problem. Is it a classroom or a Hollywood set? Kids get clues and reports. Curiosity and motivation kick in. They launch a PR campaign, a budget...oh, and hit all their learning goals as well.
Learning Re-Imagined For The Web, with Ryan Delk
In this episode, we discuss Ryan's ambitious plans for the future of Primer, how parents are equally important to kids in the learning equation, why observing the "user-experience" is so important, why not stratifying by age creates some sort of magic and much more.
A Human-centered operating system, with Kelly Davis
Kelly and her co-founder Vlad redesigned school from scratch. Galileo a global online school soon to have access to physical spaces as well.
Product-Teacher-Family Fit, With Brian Tobal, CEO SchoolHouse
"The founding principle is that the teacher's attention is the most valuable piece in the educational brew or ecosystem. If you really want to have a high quality educational experience, you'd increase the amount of teacher attention that each child is receiving." - Brian Tobal
Types of inquiries
A popular topic that we discuss with schools relates to the different types of parent inquiries. As parents gain decision-making power and change the way they search for school options, the variety of
Will this Crisis Help or Hurt Your School?
Growing Enrollment
This rollercoaster is here to stay 🎢 I was in a virtual gathering with 120 educators on Thursday, talking about change after this crisis. On the one hand, there was a consensus that "the
Three Steps to Help You Steer Your School In This Whirlwind of Change
The World of Education
In this new world that is dawning, your school is once again making a first impression. Parents are seeing you in a different light. They're asking themselves, Have they got this, or are
On Momentum in School Marketing
Marketing Tactics
Everything in life needs build-up. You stretch before you exercise. You go through small talk before moving to deeper topics. You date before you marry. Content marketing is to parents what the stove
500,000+ Parent Inquiries Have Taught Us These Four Things
Branding Strategies
You want to be the school that gets to financial stability with calm; serenely and quietly. You don't want to be the school that succeeds but needs to hustle; with high strung leadership,

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