Andreas Marinopoulos
Co-founder at Enrollhand
On Momentum in School Marketing
Marketing Tactics
Everything in life needs build-up. You stretch before you exercise. You go through small talk before moving to deeper topics. You date before you marry. Content marketing is to parents what the stove
500,000+ Parent Inquiries Have Taught Us These Four Things
Branding Strategies
You want to be the school that gets to financial stability with calm; serenely and quietly. You don't want to be the school that succeeds but needs to hustle; with high strung leadership,
What's Your School's "Product"?
Growing Enrollment
Ten years from now, even the best school marketing won't work for you. A state-of-the art enrollment funnel usually bring in prospective families on autopilot today. Not in ten years.
Steer Your School Into The Grant-Making Wind
Grants & Fundraising
It happens more often lately. You get a knot in your stomach. Surprises at work. This time, it’s when you open your browser to unexpected news: the neighboring school district got awarded a six-figure grant from an out-of-state private foundation.
Our Weekly Feedback Survey
Marketing Tactics
The Google founders recommend that all companies ask their customers, "How disappointed would you be if we no longer existed?" So we added it to our weekly feedback survey.   Last week 80% of
When We Merged Our Branding and Grant Writing Teams, Our Award Rates Shot Up to 63%
Grants & Fundraising
What is a foundation? The definition appears obvious at first. A foundation is a nonprofit entity that awards grants to organizations. Thinking about a foundation's objectives, however, makes the definition fuzzier. Some are
School Marketing's Unlikely Future
Social Media Marketing
Eventually, even an enrollment funnel that pulls parents through their decision-making process will not be sufficient.
Tom Vander Ark - Quotes and Thoughts
Tom is the CEO of Getting Smart, a learning design firm and one of the leading voices in the upcoming education revolution. I first came across Tom on Twitter, where he is very
Schools, Unbundled: Creative Destruction, Good or Bad?
The World of Education
We have to prepare our students for this brave, new world. But should we also prepare for a structural transformation of our schools? Schools choosing to outsource their non-core functions, shrinking, becoming smaller and agile?
How to Use Storytelling for Your School to Get More Grants
Grants & Fundraising
For most of our client schools, fundraising covers 20% of operating expenses. How? They've moved on from individual donations. They've stopped going for the low hanging fruit and are thinking big. They spend
3 Ways to Improve Your School's Brand Recall
Branding Strategies
For most schools, the biggest opportunity for growth comes from taking families from enrolling zero times to enrolling once. Let me explain why this mental model is crucial to your school’s growth.
How to Prepare Your School for Continuous Change
The world of education requires us to evolve more quickly and significantly than ever before. Despite the pressure to change we've found that schools are not getting any better changing. Only 12% of
The Blue Ocean Education Marketing Channel
Engaging Your Community
The problem was the students in California are fed up with all the messages that are coming to them left and right from different companies, educational institutions, and other organizations vying for their attention.
Interview: Selling The Invisible in school marketing
Schools are relational products. Learn to "Sell The Invisible".