Barbara E. Peck
Education writer for Enrollhand
Los Angeles, CA
Three Enrollment Accelerators To Get The Most Out Of Your School's Growth Potential
Growing Enrollment
All too often, massive growth opportunities may lie within your school's existing organization. Your school's internal growth potential often gets overlooked because familiarity with the status quo can blindside you to the opportunities.
A Growing Remarketing Parent Audience Is A Hugely Underrated Asset For Your School
Marketing Tactics
With a branding campaign, not only will we build awareness in the mind of local parents, but we will also be creating a very REAL CONCRETE ASSET from which to draw future enrollment fast and cheaply.
The Enrollhand Copywriting Rubric
Marketing Tactics
1 POINT - Storytelling using a fictionalized scenario in order to SHOW the parent rather than TELL her about the school 1 POINT - Write specifically about how the parent will benefit by
How to Change Parents' Minds About Their Child's School
Marketing Tactics
We are in the business of persuasion.We persuade parents to reconsider their current choice of school, compare it with YOUR school's promise and reach out to you to schedule a tour. Persuasion

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