Katherine J. Harvill
Education Writer, Enrollhand
Chicago, IL
A Few campaign Themes to Get Your Creative Juices Going
Branding Strategies
πŸ“What’s your #1 challenge in terms of enrollment? ️❌ Limited Awareness ❌ Difficult Location/Neighborhood ❌ Competition From Other Schools ❌ Perceptions (Bad reviews, PR issues, etc.) ❌ Marketing Efforts Don’t Generate Enrollments Regardless of the
New Study Reproduces the NCES May 2019 Numbers
Growing Enrollment
New study reproduces the NCES May 2019 numbers; the highlights being: ⁍ Public school enrollment is projected to be 'flattish' through 2028 (+3%). All southern states seem to be 'cooling off' following 15 years
How do you write a Facebook Ad that drives enrollment?
Branding Strategies
Sadly, many schools TRY to write their own ads; the results are unfortunate... Ads full of clichΓ©s and sentences that seem to go nowhere. Imagine a parent, sitting on her couch, scrolling through
Is Facebook or Google better for enrolling students?
Social Media Marketing
Digital advertising is the single most effective way to generate awareness and inquiries from prospective families. It is most effective when they are part of a larger digital media strategy that: β€’ Connects with
Questions to Ask Yourself About Your School
Branding Strategies
If I asked you to describe a friend in five words you’d have no problem. You would say she is kind and maybe fun, you may see her as loyal and altruistic.
13 Tips for Improving Your School's Tours
Marketing Tactics
Making the right strategic decisions is important. If you get the big picture wrong you are bound to fail. Targeting the wrong family demographic, having mediocre teachers, mispricing your programs will all instantly
How To Develop Effective School Leaders
Telling principals that leadership drives school performance is a bit like saying that we need oxygen to breathe.           Over 40 percent of schools are preparing to increase investment in leadership development across the
Why the Wellbeing of the School Head Matters
It can be easy to put the needs of others before your own when you're the School Head. Teachers, staff, students, parents, and board members all need your attention and care, and it
9 Ways To Get Your Colleagues' Buy-in In Growing Your School
Growing Enrollment
1. Start by sharing your own struggles with the issue. Talk from the heart.   2. Demonstrate the impact of enrollment and/or attrition in numbers: use a whiteboard or graphs to walk them
Scratching The Itch You Don't Have
We spent over fifteen hours on a proposal. We needed it to cover payroll. We followed-up with emails and calls. We heard nothing back. It happens.   We'll listen to the worst feedback to

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