Maria Arriana
Customer Success Manager at Enrollhand
Make Social Media Trends Work For Your School
Social Media Marketing
#1 - Compelling & Bite-Sized Video Content Videos need to be short - seconds-short - and engaging, catching the attention of your audience in the first 7-10 seconds. Focus on creating content that
15 Tips For Better Photos
The World of Education
If you are thinking - where do I start? The good news is that well designed visual content that has an impact on social media tends to have certain things in common – things
Covid 19 - A practical guide for Schools
The World of Education
Have you ever moved to a foreign country? Not visited - MOVED. It’s exhilarating and utterly disorienting. Suddenly, everything that anchored your life shifts. Language and alphabet, familiar shops, the value of
School Communication Strategies
The World of Education
Do first things first. Think - Consistent, transparent, and compassionate communication, and don’t forget to celebrate the little things! We’ve rounded up all the best practices that we are hearing...   Parents
Five reasons pre-recorded asynchronous lessons are your best option
The World of Education
We're hearing most of our clients opting for pre-recorded asynchronous teaching. Live video lessons may seem the obvious solution, but it turns out, pre-recorded videos are better for the following reasons: 1. Active
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