Michael E. Schock
Education Writer at Enrollhand
Wichita, KS
Are You Winging Your School's Marketing?
Branding Strategies
Hi 👋 again Mr. or Mrs. School Leader! OK, it's time for us to have a heart ❤️ to heart ❤️ chat. There are lots of things you can wing...󠀠 Like road trips, your Netflix movie
How to Design Your School's Virtual Tour
Marketing Tactics
We are all in uncharted waters. Thrust into a new world of distance learning, your school is called once again to make a good first impression. This is a threat to schools that
These 6 Things Will Change The Way You Manage Your School's Employer Brand
Teacher Recruitment
With unemployment at 3.5% recruiting & retaining star teachers is harder than ever. Your school's Employer Brand can be a huge competitive advantage for 1. enrollment -> you need star teachers
Three Tips to Dress Your School in Classic Elegance
Branding Strategies
I was on a call with a school board yesterday when a parent shouted out, "you're telling us all this stuff about nurturing leads, and enrollment funnels... Facts speak for themselves".The reality
How to Run a Balanced Scorecard Workshop For Your School's Leadership Team
The Balanced Scorecard is a workshop for establishing high-level strategic goals and metrics by which to monitor your school’s progress. It serves as a great team building activity for your school's leadership
9 Facebook Post Ideas Every School Should Try Out
Marketing Tactics
1. Behind-the-scenes sneak peek of your school Giving your prospective parents an idea about what happens behind the scenes piques their curiosity while also getting them to empathize and relate to your school.
School Entrepreneurship and Traffic Lights
I woke up at 6.30am. The rain was rattling against the shutters. My wife was sound asleep; it was my turn to take my son to school. I managed to wake him
What is the quickest path to a better school climate?
Social Media Marketing
According to a study from UChicago's Consortium for School Research, 'School Climate' is one of the three top predictors of academic improvement.   As Elaine Allensworth, co-author of the survey, states: "A lot of
Your School's Marketing ROI
Marketing Tactics
Families shouldn’t have to come to campus to feel your magic. But how can you ensure that the right families get to know your school BEFORE visiting?

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