Simon J. Mickelthwight
Education writer for Enrollhand
Greenville, SC
How to Strategically Position Your School
Branding Strategies
Competition is a fact of life and it makes growing enrollment difficult (while also putting downward pressure on tuition for private schools). Finding a unique, unchallenged space in your neighborhood's market is the
The Great School Marketing Debate: Rational Versus Emotional
Branding Strategies
Imagine one day you arrive at your school at 8 am as parents and buses are dropping off your students. You walk into your office to a ringing phone. You pick up, and
Schools Believing They Cannot Grow Without Social Media Marketing Up 17% Since Last Year
Growing Enrollment
Did you know that over 70% of schools nationwide believe they won’t make it without digital advertising? Here’s an interesting fact: We surveyed over 400 schools these past three months and
How to Write Great Headlines For Your School
Branding Strategies
The web is changing for both parents and schools. Parents no longer read and learn by going from one site to another. Instead, they get information pushed to them via their own curated
Lee Has Got a Dream For His School
Grants & Fundraising
The first time I met Lee he was greeting students with a smile and checking the crosswalk as they jumped off the school bus one by one. We met in the school's parking
Breathing New Life Into Your School
Sitting in his brown upholstered rickety chair, Victor was letting the phone ring while he was deep in his thoughts... exhausted and overwhelmed. He was eating “lunch” (a granola bar) at 4:30
Are You In Love With Your Student Families?
"They wanted my job, and it would be easy enough to discredit me." That's the first thing that Mathias told me. The school had been through three years of declining enrollment. The diocese

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