Steve Karas
School Growth Specialist @ Enrollhand
Storytelling that Transforms the way Families see their School
Despite the daily flood of information, how does your school leave a lasting impression on your target group? 🌸 Stories can communicate school messaging with powerful persuasion. They simplify the complex, make everyday things
1 min read
How hard can school marketing be?
A lot of schools underestimate the amount of effort and resources an enrollment marketing campaign requires. Pictures of happy students doing hands-on activities will help with retention, but can they generate new inquiries and enrollments for schools?
1 min read
Where do my ads appear?
The World of Education
Many school leaders who haven't really dealt with Facebook ads before may get a bit confused at first. This is normal. Where are the ads and who sees them? Let's break it down
3 min read
How do you target?
The World of Education
Before we talk about targeting the right parents, it is important to talk briefly about how Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms know what we like and are interested in. The reason social
5 min read
Statistical Models and Targeting: Lookalikes
The World of Education
As you might already be aware, our Marketing Plan's Persona model reveals who your target audience is, what interests them, and what they do online. By adding up all this relevant information, we
2 min read
How We Use Landing Pages
The World of Education
Many school leaders ask us why we don’t send our prospective parents to their website. You may have spent a lot of time updating your website, adding the latest content, and taking
3 min read
What is split testing and how do we use it?
The World of Education
Split testing or A/B testing is the process of creating different variations of an ad, for example, a landing page (mini web pages), and an email, and then presenting it to your
6 min read
Awareness, Consideration, Decision Stages to any buying decision
Would you ask someone to marry you on the first date? The answer to this jarring question is certainly no. Yet, that’s what schools and other organizations just starting out with marketing
4 min read
Striking the Right Tone in Your Outreach
Growing Enrollment
A lot of school leaders are nervous and anxious about reaching out to families and parent prospects right now. I get emails, daily, asking me, "Will I upset prospects if I send them
1 min read
Enrollment Attribution
The World of Education
We are sometimes told by our clients that they don't know if their current enrollments can be attributed to Enrollhand. - Connecting the Dots - Although it might be hard to trace the
3 min read

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