Theresa D. Eberhardt
Education writer, Enrollhand
Denver, CO
Online Enrollment Campaigns: What Stats Should You Be Focusing On?
Social Media Marketing
"What stats do I look at to know whether my ads are working? How do I know I am getting inquiries from my ads -or at least building awareness?" These are questions that
The Growth Mindset of the School Entrepreneur
Branding Strategies
We are getting pushback from a client school on our R&D ads. The head of school is concerned about doing any testing at all. She is reluctant to send out variations
School Branding vs. Inquiry Generation, And The Promise of Sequential Ads
Branding Strategies
Traditionally, “performance marketing” means metrics-driven, inquiry-focused, left-brained, algorithm-loving data advertising. "Brand marketing," on the other hand, implies experience-focused, purpose-driven, right-brained, creativity-loving storytelling. While both are under the marketing umbrella, these two disciplines have
Grow Your Enrollment Through Social Media Branding
Branding Strategies
Times have changed, and many schools are finding that they need to engage in strong branding strategies to thrive in today's market. With new schools opening their doors every second month, you have
The Rise of Impact Philanthropy & Why Schools Should Take Note
Grants & Fundraising
Venture philanthropy. Angel philanthropy. Enterprise philanthropy. Impact philanthropy. Catalytic philanthropy. Strategic philanthropy. These are some of the names that are being used to describe the rise of a new kind of grant giving;
What a Powerful Moat the Harvard Brand is...
Branding Strategies
As of early February 2019, we can report that Harvard has received a total of  43,330 to the Class of 2023. Just last year Harvard broke its own 40,000 application barrier
The Best School Leaders Believe in Themselves Almost to the Point of Delusion
Jim Collins once said that "a big secret among effective leaders is that you can bend the world to your will a surprising amount of the time —most leaders don’t even try,
8 Necessary Components of a Brilliant School Marketing Plan
Marketing Tactics
We're in goal-setting season, and most schools are preparing their annual marketing plans.  We're getting a lot of questions about how ambitious they should be and what amount of budget to allocate to
How to Reach the Distracted Parent
Marketing Tactics
We’ve all heard the reports; attention spans are shrinking. You are being told that parents are always distracted. If that’s true, how do we explain the rise of binge-watching (Netflix) and
Right or Wrong School Choice is a Force to Be Reckoned With
The World of Education
It's been a punishing decade for districts nationwide. State funding fell sharply, and local funding didn’t make up the difference. In most states, K-12 funding remains below 2008 levels. We're now also
School Marketing: Emotions vs. Techniques
Marketing Tactics
There is a lot of school marketing lingo being thrown around these days. Too much. So much that I find it a little ridiculous. 🤪 Here are some examples (I bet you’ll roll

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