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9 Simple Tips To Nail The Enrollment Experience

9 Simple Tips To Nail The Enrollment Experience

Making the right strategic decisions is important.

If you get the big picture wrong you are bound to fail.
Targeting the wrong family demographic, having mediocre teachers, mispricing your programs will all instantly get you into trouble.

Even so, with such intense competition, getting these right does not guarantee success. You still have to sweat the small stuff.

In the grand scheme of things, ignoring the hassles of a poor enrollment experience may seem like small potatoes to you. But the small things matter more than you think.

Ultimately choosing a school for your child requires that your gut agrees with you. You have to feel good about it.

So, avoiding even the faintest feeling of frustration for visiting prospective families is essential.

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Here is a short checklist to get you going:

  • who answers the phone to prospective parents?
  • how do you choose your campus tour guides (and are they given feedback and evaluated)?
  • do you make sure to have available parking spots for prospective parent visits?
  • do you make sure to have extra umbrellas for rainy days?
  • what brand of coffee do you offer parents upon their arrival?
  • do you treat each prospective student in a truly personal way -asking them questions about their concerns and their dreams?
  • How does your front office feel?
    It’s the first stop when parents enter the building.
    Is the person behind the front desk smiling?
    Does (s)he greet the visiting parents and students?
  • Do you offer childcare when hosting a parent event?
    The reason some prospective parents do not participate at your events is that they do not have child care for their kids' siblings.
  • Is your principal visible at open house events?
    Parents like to see the leader of the school and how (s)he interacts with their team.