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Why We Are Launching the Balanced School

Why We Are Launching the Balanced School

Mary Kay was one of those loud, uncoordinated people, always laughing, always jolly.
She had been a junior springboard varsity diver in high school which was all about coordination.
But, now at 63, she couldn’t open the fridge without making a racket, always bumbling and clumsy.

That said, she was a force of nature. Knowing what she feels, knowing what she wants, driving forward irrespective of circumstance.

She had done wonders for her school since 2005.

Recently though, the school fell into some choppy water. They were going through their third straight year of enrollment decline.

Mary Kay hired us to reverse the trend.

  • First, we implemented by our signature digital enrollment funnel.
  • Second, we helped with event management, volunteer recruitment and guest speaker outreach.
  • Third, we coached the admissions office on campus tour performance.

At a distance, it all seemed to be going well. But I remember visiting three months later, and Mary Kay’s team had dropped the ball completely.

We had pushed them to produce an additional layer of improvement actions for their enrollment growth, but we had not prepared them to follow through.
The outcome? An ever-increasing backlog of tasks and a team running around in different directions like headless chickens.

I felt personally responsible.

One late night, sitting in the hotel lounge and feeling exhausted, I made this realization: above all else, we had first to help Mary Kay’s team improve their execution.

School heads often spend too much time drafting, wordsmithing and redrafting vision statements, mission statements, values statements, purpose statements, aspiration statements, and so on.

They spend nowhere near enough time aligning their staff, improving organizational focus, integrating cross-functional cooperation and driving team performance.

Enter the Balanced School; a set of toolkits, tutorials, and tailored coaching sessions to help your school with:

  • Balanced Goal-setting
  • Goal Deployment
  • Linking Strategy to Execution
  • Change Management
  • Formalizing your Responsibility Matrix
  • Talent Management
  • Improving Organisational Agility
  • Initiating Management Feedback Loops
  • Setting-up Performance Dashboards

Today Mary Kay’s school is back on a path to financial sustainability.
The team is now tracking consistently at 90% action completion rate. They have since been able to relaunch the enrollment improvement program and have grown to 320 students.

Alexis Marinopoulos

Alexis Marinopoulos

Co-founder at Enrollhand