Launching Enrollhand Capital

Enrollhand Capital invests in schools while also providing them with enrollment, grant, bookkeeping, staffing, project management and administrative services.

With Enrollhand Capital as your business partner you'll have the time and peace of mind to focus on what matters most – caring for children & educating students...

In addition to traditional buyouts, we seek minority investments and partnership opportunities exclusively with educational businesses and nonprofits (including daycares, preschools, microschools, K-12 schools & tutoring centers).

Following our initial investment we deploy our enrollment growth program over a minimum of 2-3 years.

Our access to capital and enrollment growth expertise, combined with your staff's deep industry experience, secure our schools against the competition, and create a unique recipe for shared growth and profitability.

Hᴏᴡ Iᴛ Wᴏʀᴋs

1. Management Services
We take on the following executive responsibilities and provide the following management services:

✔︎ bookkeeping & financial reporting
✔︎ project management
✔︎ legal assistance
✔︎ procurement & negotiation as a service

2. Growth Capital
Following a short onboarding period  we invest in your school's growth over a minimum of 2-3 years as follows:

◇ enrollment marketing
◇ maintenance and capital projects
◇ PD & coaching
◇ teacher recruitment
◇ IT and educational technology tools
◇ afterschool & tutoring programming

In return, we receive a percentage of the school's residual income as a performance fee.


1. How Are We Different From Other School Networks?

At Enrollhand we partner with schools to provide them with tools, resources and guidance that they need to become the very best schools they can be.
The focus is on above all else on unleashing student potential.

The way we differ from other school networks is we're very much focused on unleashing the potential of our educators and staff.

We spend a lot of time on professional development training as well as celebrating all of our educators’ accomplishments.

2. What Does Enrollhand Bring To The Table?

In many cases, we have a founder or Head of School that's bootstrapping and doing the very best they can to run a great school.  They’ve done an excellent job in terms of getting the best educators onboard and achieving amazing student outcomes.
However, they likely don't have the time and all of the resources that we can bring to the table. We have assembled a world-class, seasoned team to provide technical and administrative support including:

  • HR and Professional Development
  • Enrollment Marketing
  • Financial and Accounting support
  • In-house technology team
  • Highest Quality Digital Education Tools For Teachers And Learners
  • Training and Access to Collaborative Teacher Networks and Reflection Groups
  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • Legal Assistance

3. What Does The Transition Look Like?

There are typically two kinds of transitions.

On one hand we have founders who are ready to retire.
In these cases, our goal is to reassure our potential partner that we’d be the best possible stewards of their school. Obviously a founder exit creates a huge leadership gap and we work very diligently to fill the gap smoothly, seamlessly and effectively.

One the other hand we have school leaders that need our business support while also are keen staying on. The biggest fear of most of these leaders is this: ‘Am I going to lose my sense of identity and am I going to lose my mission?’

In these cases, we put a lot of time and effort to align with the preexisting leadership team to understand and ensure the continuity of the school’s culture.