Effective Leadership
In this episode, Dr. White discusses the challenges of being a leader, the importance of education for underserved communities, how competition improves school performance and gives insight into teacher shortages.
School Branding Over the Decades
Branding Strategies
I've been watching "Mad Men" reruns recently. They made me think deeply about how marketing & branding have evolved over the decades. Here are Madison Avenue's themes since the 1950s: 50s - Comfort,
Defining Your School Brand: 10 Questions You Must Answer
Branding Strategies
Today’s parents have tremendous choice when it comes to their children’s education. Whether to choose a private, religious, charter, or public school are only a few of the many options available.
Storywrap Your School
Marketing Tactics
Your school's reputation doesn't come from how you talk about yourself. It comes from how parents and students talk about you. So how do you get them thinking about you? Parents do, of
SchoolMint Acquires Enrollhand to Launch Innovative School Branding and Marketing Solution
LAFAYETTE, LA -- SchoolMint®, the leading provider of Strategic Enrollment Management for K-12 education, announced today it has completed the acquisition of Enrollhand, Inc.
Are Parents' Exploding Expectations Impacting Your Enrollment?
Marketing Tactics
⚡️ As schools, you often think about how your marketing compares to your direct competitors — the private, charter, or public school down the road. 📊 But today, families compare your school to all their daily
While comparing different agencies, Enrollhand stood out for its deep knowledge of K-20 education.
A new charter had just opened its doors 3 miles to the west of us. What we do is extremely different from them. But new, bright & shiny buildings attract parents. Our elementary,
School Marketing: How long should it take to see results?
The marketing consultant was going on and on about how marketing is an investment... he was repeating, "you need to spend money to make money..." His smug tone, gelled hair, and sweaty forehead
📍Are parents put off by school marketing?
Growing Enrollment
If you ask a parent whether your school should run ads, chances are that their first reaction would be negative. Asked if they'd like to be informed about: 💎 your school's new PBL program
This School Simply Wasn't For Her...
Her freckled nose was all wrinkled and crumpled into a ball, just like a scrunched-up piece of paper. She'd just gotten home from school and was gloomy, AGAIN. "What's the matter, sweetie," I
The Deployment Age of EdTech, with Amit Patel
In this episode, we talk about how the education technology infrastructure investments years ago create the conditions for the EdTech boom today.
How did a 120-student school in St. Paul, Minnesota, rip through a stagnant enrollment level to reach 200 students in under nine months?
The World of Education
❌ Challenges Overcrowded & saturated market.Families are moving out of the neighborhood due to changing financials.Wrong perceptions: their programs are not considered rigorous enough.They only go through 5th grade.   ✅ Opportunities Public
Why is the Great Hearts school network so popular?
The World of Education
The Great Hearts school network is extraordinarily popular. How did they become the largest network of classical schools in the country? 22,000 students (up from 7,000 in 2013)52% Classroom Instruction
3x Your Enrollments Using the CLASP Framework
Admissions is all about converting the prospective family into an enrollment. The goal is to present and persuade parents about your school. It is the last mile of your parents' long decision journey.

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