School AND… Learning Outside of School, with Amy Anderson
After a few years of incubating the idea inside the Denver-based Donnell-Kay Foundation, ReSchool launched as a non-profit in 2018.
Trial and Error is Your Friend - Not Your Enemy, with Tony Wagner
We typically highlight a few of the most interesting quotes from the podcast - by which we seek to tempt you to listen.
Education Through a Serendipity Vehicle, with David Perell
It’s an ultra-competitive market out there. David Perell and his North Star team know how to use social media and technology to help their clients communicate and grow.
How To Deal With Bad Reviews And Still Get The Enrollment
Marketing Tactics
Every administrator has to deal with parents' objections. It's part of the job. And with practice, you become much more comfortable managing them. But there's one objection that many of us have trouble
Positioning an Internship as an Actual Job Changes the Game, with Conor Heaton
Conor Heaton guides expansion strategy for the Cristo Rey Network as their Director of School Growth. A former trial attorney in Chicago, Conor is an expert on the legal side of feasibility studies and what it takes to launch a school.
People Raise Over $2 Billion for Causes on Facebook
Five years ago, many of us drenched ourselves in ice water to raise awareness and money for ALS, spurring major developments to fight the disease. Not only did the Ice Bucket Challenge inspire
How to Find a School Design and Replicate It, with Ted Fujimoto
In this episode, Ted Fujimoto, President of Landmark Consulting Group, entrepreneur, and expert in leadership development and organizational redesign, leads us to understand how to scale a school design with “fidelity.”
How We Explain it Really Matters, with Liz Willen
When you want the box seat view of what’s happening across-the-board in American education, you ask Liz Willen, Editor-in-chief at the Hechinger Report.
Launching 80 Schools in 8 Months, with Kelly Smith
What do you get when an MIT physics graduate volunteers at the public library computer lab to tinker with a few kids building cool games, websites, and apps?
The Wild, Wild West of School Marketing, with Caylee Migliorini
Has the wild, wild west ever really been tamed? We consider this and other burning questions like: Is A/B Testing actually misleading? with our guest - Caylee Migliorini.
Creating a Culture of Innovation, with Keara Mascarenaz
Keara Mascarenaz joined us for an explosive jaunt through innovation in education.
Beyond the Warm, Fuzzy Feeling of Philanthropy, with Mandy Pearce
Our guest today is Many Pearce. She brings over two decades of fundraising experience to the conversation and generously shares her knowledge of the funding landscape.
Have You Heard of Sora Schools?, with Indra Sofian
Indra Sofian offered us an inside look at the founding and launch of a progressive, student-directed high school known as Sora Schools.
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Funding Charter Schools, with Terry Ryan
Terry Ryan knows education from every angle. He is the CEO of BLUUM - a non-profit organization working to develop leaders and support innovative schools in Idaho.