School Marketing: How long should it take to see results?

The marketing consultant was going on and on about how marketing is an investment... he was repeating, "you need to spend money to make money..."
His smug tone, gelled hair, and sweaty forehead had sucked all energy out of the room.
Our Head of School, unconvinced and uninspired, was asking questions mid-yawn.
He had no intention of signing with this agency.
Everyone was exhausted -furrowed eyebrows, steep frowns, ready to call it a day.

Patience is useful for watching a bad haircut grow out - not waiting for your marketing investment to produce leads.
There is even a danger in waiting too long for results.  
You might be invested in the wrong place, the wrong message, or the wrong process.

How can you know when to shift your efforts or what to change?
Which metrics should you follow?
Do you even have time to chase down all of this?
We know the answer is a resounding - NO!

Marketing is your chance to be greedy for immediate results and enjoy it without guilt or shame - like ice cream & cake on your birthday.
Expecting and getting quick results means that you can relax into trusting a solid return on your investment.  

It also means that your early results can be reinvested into the next campaign -making your enrollment's growth self-funded and sustainable.
What is more frustrating than staying the course with a gnawing uncertainty about whether you will ever end up where you wanted to go?

Enrollhand gathers all the messy threads of research, message, target, and outcome into a single, powerful lifeline for your school.
You'll get:

✅ A custom-designed strategic marketing plan - objectives, plan, & metrics
✅ Mystery shopper service - exactly what does your competition say about you?
✅ Graphic design service -  vibrant visual content tested to maximize attention
✅ Dozens of persuasive social media campaigns - in your voice
✅ Re-marketing technology - nudging your best-fit prospect until they respond

There are a lot of little steps that need to happen before you reach your enrollment destination. Stop working on things that don’t matter.

Enrollhand welcomes schools that are impatient to grow.