SchoolMint Acquires Enrollhand to Launch Innovative School Branding and Marketing Solution

LAFAYETTE, LA -- SchoolMint®, the leading provider of Strategic Enrollment Management for K-12 education, announced today it has completed the acquisition of Enrollhand, Inc.

LAFAYETTE, LA -- SchoolMint®, the leading provider of Strategic Enrollment Management for K-12 education, announced today it has completed the acquisition of Enrollhand, Inc.

Enrollhand is a highly respected provider of affordable, effective, and highly-personalized marketing solutions for education customers, designed with education budgets in mind.

SchoolMint CEO Bryan MacDonald said, “Our customers count on SchoolMint to help them attract, enroll, and retain more students. Our customers know that increasing enrollment begins by attracting parents, families, and educators to their schools, districts, or programs.

“Enrollhand’s proven solution helps us expand our capabilities and provide highly personalized and effective branding and marketing solutions that have historically been either unavailable to education customers and/or only available via generic marketing agencies with generic templates. We are especially excited to pair Enrollhand with our newly launched Engage platform, which truly brings an unbeatable combination of capabilities and tools together into a single, streamlined solution that is proven to increase enrollments.”

The combination of Enrollhand and SchoolMint positions the combined companies to further innovate and expand the impact of Strategic Enrollment Management in K-12. Strategic Enrollment Management helps schools, districts, and programs strengthen and stabilize their year-over-year enrollment health by eliminating barriers to find best-fit schools/options and helps to create positive classroom environments.

“We are thrilled that the Enrollhand team is joining SchoolMint. Enrollhand and SchoolMint are already serving many of the same customers, and we have been asked many times about working more closely together,” said Enrollhand co-founder Alexis Marinopoulos. “Now customers will experience a truly comprehensive solution that brings everything schools need to attract more families and teachers to each school.”

“Enrollhand has perfected a unique approach that enables schools to quickly improve their branding and marketing efforts with highly personalized results that still fit into school budgets,” Marinopoulos added. “We are confident that SchoolMint is the best home for the Enrollhand team. The combination with SchoolMint will serve our customers better than ever.”

MacDonald added, “Education customers have been waiting for the combination of Enrollhand’s personalized branding and marketing capabilities with the software tools provided by SchoolMint Engage. This combination really offers the entire SchoolMint ‘Attract’ story in one place.”

According to SchoolMint’s Chief Enrollment Officer, Nick LeRoy, “SchoolMint has long been seen as the leader in enrollment, and that includes strategic marketing and branding. With Enrollhand, SchoolMint is ready to offer this capability at scale.”

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