These 6 Things Will Change The Way You Manage Your School's Employer Brand

With unemployment at 3.5% recruiting & retaining star teachers is harder than ever.

Your school's Employer Brand can be a huge competitive advantage for

1. enrollment -> you need star teachers to get parents talking about your school and sending over their students to enroll
2. family retention: staff turnover -> parent dissatisfaction -> parent turnover
3. staff engagement: lasting relationships -> happy teachers & staff -> more creative & productive work environment

Here some of thoughts:

  1. Hire for culture & attitude above all else -> how? create a hiring funnel consisting of recruitment marketing materials, checklists for your 1st 2nd & 3rd interviews, ensure internal alignment using commonly affirmed evaluation/scoring forms that epitomize your school's values...
  2. Never hire out of desperation, panic, or fear -> how? forge a recruitment mindset & always be looking for talent; when you are out to dinner, at the hair salon, at the vet, everywhere...)
  3. Build a quality onboarding process (fancy words for 'staff orientation') -> how? warm & fun welcome, sell your school's culture on day 1, well-structured training guide, set expectations & plan milestones for at least the first 90 days, describe your policies in plain words, and using common sense examples...
  4. Proactive succession & contingency planning -> how? identify 'at-risk' roles and responsibilities, identify & align on potential successor(s), train the successor(s).
  5. Set up a structured offboarding process to manage out bad fits in an elegant and mutually respectful way (remember that everyone has a voice in the community).