3x Your Enrollments Using the CLASP Framework

Admissions is all about converting the prospective family into an enrollment.
The goal is to present and persuade parents about your school.
It is the last mile of your parents' long decision journey.
And it is where your marketing dollars will convert into enrollment revenue or be thrown to the wind.
Campus tours should be practiced and choreographed.
Certain techniques will help your school stand out and increase the chances of converting the prospective family into an enrollment.
We've seen the CLASP Framework often 3x our client schools' inquiry conversion.

(C)larify (L)abel (A)ddress (S)tory (P)itch

1. Clarify
Clarify what parents are looking for.
Ask questions like:

  • What made you reach out?
  • What is your main goal for your child?
  • What's your biggest parenting problem?
  • What are you trying to improve in his/her education?
    These clarifying questions help you identify their core pain point as it relates to YOUR school. Your job in this conversation is to LISTEN and take notes.
    Remember: above all, parents enroll because of how well they are understood.

2. Label
After hearing their problem(s), label them, summarize in your words and seek a confirmation statement.
Ask them: "So what I'm hearing is, you're struggling with X and Y, does that sound correct?"
This should spark an enthusiastic response: "Yes, exactly!"
Here you are getting them to acknowledge their problem.
THEY (not you) have to admit they have an educational pain point.
This labeling question shows you're actively listening.
Their confirmation reaffirms their burning need for a solution.

3. Address parents' pain by digging deeper
Ask questions like:

  • Are we the first school you've talked to about this?
  • What have you done to try to improve your situation?
  • Has anything worked?
  • How long did you try that for?
    Your goal here is twofold:
    i. Get them to realize they are struggling with a real educational problem they can't solve on their own.
    ii. Identify why and how their educational choices have failed.

4. Story
Stories help you brag without bragging.
Utilize past pain points your parent prospect just stated in the "address" stage to formulate a story. Tie it back to a similar situation you've experienced at your school which ended up being a success story.

5. Pitch
Shifting from your story, pitch your school with this formula: "Your main goal is X. But the problem is Y. And you've tried Z to fix it. The missing piece is our school for reason A and reason B."
Then, ask: does this sound like what you need?