While comparing different agencies, Enrollhand stood out for its deep knowledge of K-20 education.

A new charter had just opened its doors 3 miles to the west of us.
What we do is extremely different from them.
But new, bright & shiny buildings attract parents.

Our elementary, middle school and high school were all resisting the challenge. We were actually growing our enrollment.
But our pre-K and kindergarten dropped for two consecutive years.We needed to replenish our pipeline.
That's when we called in Steve and the Enrollhand team.

They simplified our messaging and supercharged our reach.
What's interesting is that they grew our enrollment but also helped us with retention.
Our enrolled families were suddenly seeing all the great things happening at school...
Today we're at 750 enrolled students and need 40 more to reach capacity. Enrollhand has helped us build a very comfortable budget for the coming year.
Investing in our growth was one of the best strategic decisions we made.

While comparing different agencies, Enrollhand stood out for its deep knowledge of K-20 education.
After checking their references, we found that they can deliver results for all types of schools.

🎯 Something they really helped us with was our conversion rate.
They took what we were doing before and optimized it.
They helped us break down our channels and understand which were producing better results.
Our confidence has now grown to the point that we can spend more on the enrollment channels that work.
We've now reached our enrollment targets without burning cash.A specific area that Enrollhand focused on is optimizing our landing page conversion rate. We realized that we were getting a lot of families to our website, but very few were inquiring.

🌏 We experimented with various landing page variations using A/B testing. Our inquiry rate has since increased by 55%.Working with Enrollhand is fantastic because they are like an extension of our team. They are always in control of our enrollment funnel and are always responsive to our questions. This makes us feel we have an added team member instead of working with an external agency.