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3 Ways to Improve Your School's Brand Recall

3 Ways to Improve Your School's Brand Recall

For most schools, the biggest opportunity for growth comes from taking families from enrolling zero times to enrolling once.

Let me explain why this mental model is crucial to your school’s growth.Starting with zero means, you’ll start from the right place – a place which assumes most of your parents don’t know your school, don’t have the time to think much about it and certainly don’t care about your advertising.

Our research throughout 2018 suggests that only 16% of school advertising is both recalled and correctly attributed to the proper school.

This serves as a sobering warning that you better make your advertising distinctive enough to make an impact and well-branded enough so parents remember who it’s from.

Here are a few hands-on tips to improve recollection:

1. Focus on one theme per campaign
An analysis by Millward Brown provides evidence that the more messages you try to communicate, the less likely any of them will be recalled.
Think of it this way, when you throw people one tennis ball they may catch it; if you throw them lots they’ll drop them all.

2. Use emotional copy
According to Binet & Field’s work, emotional campaigns are 2x as likely to be effective as rational ones in achieving parent recollection.

3. Balance brand-building and enrollment activation
Getting the balance right between your school’s long-term brand-building and short-term enrollment activation is important for maximum enrollment effectiveness.
To do this you’ll have to experiment with creatives and copywriting between creating memories and activating them to trigger parents towards inquiring.

Andreas Marinopoulos

Andreas Marinopoulos

Co-founder at Enrollhand