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500,000+ Parent Inquiries Have Taught Us These Four Things
Branding Strategies
You want to be the school that gets to financial stability with calm; serenely and quietly. You don't want to be the school that succeeds but needs to hustle; with high strung leadership,
Three Tips to Dress Your School in Classic Elegance
Branding Strategies
I was on a call with a school board yesterday when a parent shouted out, "you're telling us all this stuff about nurturing leads, and enrollment funnels... Facts speak for themselves".The reality
The Great School Marketing Debate: Rational Versus Emotional
Branding Strategies
Imagine one day you arrive at your school at 8 am as parents and buses are dropping off your students. You walk into your office to a ringing phone. You pick up, and
A True & Delightful Short Story That Will Make You Rethink Your School's Branding
Branding Strategies
When talking to our clients about school branding, I sometimes feel a faint skepticism in the air. The unspoken reaction is this, "we are not THAT unique... How can a [small parochial, typical
This is Why Facebook Will Be the Best Teacher Recruitment Platform of 2020
Branding Strategies
Facebook is the largest user platform out there. Many, however, still doubt its potential as a teacher recruiting tool in terms of both quantity and quality of candidates. But increasingly we're getting inquiries
How do you write a Facebook Ad that drives enrollment?
Branding Strategies
Sadly, many schools TRY to write their own ads; the results are unfortunate... Ads full of clichés and sentences that seem to go nowhere. Imagine a parent, sitting on her couch, scrolling through
When We Merged Our Branding and Grant Writing Teams, Our Award Rates Shot Up to 63%
Grants & Fundraising
What is a foundation? The definition appears obvious at first. A foundation is a nonprofit entity that awards grants to organizations. Thinking about a foundation's objectives, however, makes the definition fuzzier. Some are
School Branding Over the Decades
Branding Strategies
I've been watching "Mad Men" reruns recently. It's made me think deeply about how marketing & branding have evolved over the decades. Here are Madison Avenue's themes since the 1950s: 50s - Comfort,
School Marketing: Branding vs. Performance
Branding Strategies
Traditionally, “performance marketing” means metrics-driven, inquiry-focused, left-brained, algorithm-loving data advertising. "Brand marketing," on the other hand, implies experience-focused, purpose-driven, right-brained, creativity-loving storytelling. While both are under the marketing umbrella, these two disciplines have
Are Schools Stuck in the Past?
The World of Education
Here are a few things that didn’t exist last time Tiger Woods won the Masters: Twitter, iPhone📱, iPad, Kindle, 4G, Android, YouTube, App Store, Uber, Airbnb, Blockchain, Bitcoin, 🎧 Spotify, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp,
Grow Your Enrollment Through Social Media Branding
Branding Strategies
Times have changed, and many schools are finding that they need to engage in strong branding strategies to thrive in today's market. With new schools opening their doors every second month, you have
How to Write Great Headlines For Your School
Branding Strategies
The web is changing for both parents and schools. Parents no longer read and learn by going from one site to another. Instead, they get information pushed to them via their own curated
Questions to Ask Yourself About Your School
Branding Strategies
If I asked you to describe a friend in five words you’d have no problem. You would say she is kind and maybe fun, you may see her as loyal and altruistic.
What a Powerful Moat the Harvard Brand is...
Branding Strategies
As of early February 2019, we can report that Harvard has received a total of  43,330 to the Class of 2023. Just last year Harvard broke its own 40,000 application barrier