63% of K-12 schools will double their digital ad spend in 2021-2022

Every school is running ads now.

Two years ago our school clients were spending more on billboards than on social media.
Today Facebook is dominating ALL school marketing ad spend.

📈 In fact, 63% of K-12 schools will double their digital ad spend in 2021-2022.
The days when Facebook was a secret enrollment tactic are behind us.
🌐 Parent applications from digital ads increased 66% during the pandemic.
The opportunity is enormous, but how can a school compete in such a crowded market?

Here’s our 3-pillar process that keeps our schools one step ahead of the competition:

✅ Targeting: Your lookalike audience is the only audience worth having. Start with 1% and then scale up to 5%. Keep testing until you have a CTR of 2%.

✅ Copywriting & Storytelling: What’s your core offer, and how can you turn that into a Lead Magnet? Figure that out, and then set up a lead ad form. Your cost per lead will go down at least 50%.

✅ Follow-up: Don’t email. Either call or text. We do both, and we convert 33% of prospects to phone appointments.
It’s a first-come, first-to-profit game.
Connect your lead ad form to your CRM and call them once a day for 10 days (tip: timestamp your calls so that you always call at a different time of the day).

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