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School Branding Over the Decades
Branding Strategies
I've been watching "Mad Men" reruns recently. They made me think deeply about how marketing & branding have evolved over the decades. Here are Madison Avenue's themes since the 1950s: 50s - Comfort,
Defining Your School Brand: 10 Questions You Must Answer
Branding Strategies
Today’s parents have tremendous choice when it comes to their children’s education. Whether to choose a private, religious, charter, or public school are only a few of the many options available.
📍Are parents put off by school marketing?
Growing Enrollment
If you ask a parent whether your school should run ads, chances are that their first reaction would be negative. Asked if they'd like to be informed about: 💎 your school's new PBL program
How did a 120-student school in St. Paul, Minnesota, rip through a stagnant enrollment level to reach 200 students in under nine months?
The World of Education
❌ Challenges Overcrowded & saturated market.Families are moving out of the neighborhood due to changing financials.Wrong perceptions: their programs are not considered rigorous enough.They only go through 5th grade.   ✅ Opportunities Public
The 3 Elements of Winning School Websites
Growing Enrollment
Having worked with 1,700+ schools in our lifetime, we know a thing or two about school websites. We've studied thousands of school ads, websites, and landing pages.We've also worked with all types of websites, including Finalsite, Edlio, OneCampus, and plain-old WordPress...
🚀 Once Funding Follows the Student, Enrollment Numbers Will Shift...
Social Media Marketing
School leaders still have this incorrect notion that alternative education is small. Learning pods, microschools & homeschooling now enroll a significant % of students. 🏡 🏠🚌🏫 The past 2 years have changed all this.For example,
The opportunity of last-mile job training
In this episode, we talk about how people's focus is shifting from the inputs to the output of education, how personalization is a misplaced idea, and how to successfully invest in job-training for young people.
63% of K-12 schools will double their digital ad spend in 2021-2022
Growing Enrollment
Every school is running ads now. Two years ago our school clients were spending more on billboards than on social media. Today Facebook is dominating ALL school marketing ad spend. 📈 In fact, 63%
Sarah vs. Enrollhand
Marketing Tactics
A school can't grow its enrollment with ads alone. You also need the right automation systems and follow-up strategies. But having a team that can produce beautiful, scroll-stopping, powerful ads can boost inquiries
Your competition is talking about you…
Engaging Your Community
Your competitors are talking about you… They have a lot to say - whether you are listening or not. It’s a bit of a pinch to find out why someone chose a
How hard can school marketing be?
Branding Strategies
A lot of schools underestimate the amount of effort and resources an enrollment marketing campaign requires. Pictures of happy students doing hands-on activities will help with retention, but can they generate new inquiries and enrollments for schools?
A Human-centered operating system, with Kelly Davis
Kelly and her co-founder Vlad redesigned school from scratch. Galileo a global online school soon to have access to physical spaces as well.
A School strategy after a Net Promoter Score Survey: Our 5-Step Process to grow your NPS Points
Ask Enrollhand
For NPS to mean something, a school needs to calculate the score and act on it. Here are five tips that can help your school grow from its results:
Why School Tours Need To Be Assessed: A Case Study
The World of Education
The more closely we work with schools these days, the more we recognize the need for setting up a school tour assessment process. Here is an example of how an ongoing tour review has turned around the enrollment numbers in a small, private school in Sacramento.
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