If you ask a parent whether your school should run ads, chances are that their first reaction would be negative.
Asked if they'd like to be informed about:
πŸ’Ž your school's new PBL program
πŸ’Ž the construction plan for a new canteen or makerspace
πŸ’Ž the resume of the new grade 6 math teacher
...their answer would be very different.

In fact, school marketing is not about shady, aggressive selling.
It is about:
βœ… improving awareness of your school
βœ… consistent, elegant, and useful communication about your programs
βœ… taking control of how your community thinks and feels about you
βœ… building connections through emotion

Humans love shortcuts to decision-making.
Branding does that. When parents make important decisions, they need to know the facts AND have a feel about their options.

⚑️ Once upon a time, marketing was reserved for the business sector.
Given the current state of school choice, schools face a daunting challenge: running their school while also communicating with families in the surrounding communities.