Leap Afraid and Gather Your Courage on the Way Down

 She'd bitten off more than she could chew. She decided she'd quit two weeks into her pregnancy. Raised money on maternity leave.

Taking her baby with her on fundraising tours. Six months after opening the school, she was pregnant again.

Her lisp never stopped her either. She was industrious and fearless.

Miss O'Leary from the Baptist Chapel School was her true mother.

The military had kept her parents away all her life. Her first year she refused to bow to despair. Despite the fatigue and frustration, she kept on. She wanted to do for her community what Miss O'Leary had done for their hometown years ago.

"I felt that being pregnant and being a mother gave me superpowers..."

This year her school will be opening three new grades. She's now been a mentor to over a dozen school founders. You have to leap afraid and gather your courage on the way down.

Are you waiting for the fear to stop? You've got to be willing to do it afraid...