Are You In Love With Your Student Families?

"They wanted my job, and it would be easy enough to discredit me."
That's the first thing that Mathias told me.

The school had been through three years of declining enrollment. The diocese had given Mathias eight months to turn it around.

The problem was not that they were not getting new enrollments.
It was that they were losing the trust of existing families.
Students were leaving for Exeter Valley High.

Nonstop arguments were paralyzing him.
"I owe the outcome to my brother-in-law. The whole school does."

He advised me to, "Treat your parents like it’s the beginning of the relationship. If we all treated our wives like they were still our fiancées, there would be no divorce!"

"We've been training all our staff in customer service ever since. But we've also had to make some replacements. Our customer service can never exceed the quality of the people providing it."

"In 2018, we're up 10%."

Are you in love with your student families?
Do you love them more than your school?
Do you tend to them, do you take care of them, do you solve their problems? If you want to keep them for life, fall in love with them...