Are You Winging Your School's Marketing?

Hi 👋 again Mr. or Mrs. School Leader!
OK, it's time for us to have a heart ❤️ to heart ❤️ chat.

There are lots of things you can wing...󠀠
Like road trips, your Netflix movie pick, or your Thanksgiving dinner recipe.󠀠

Something you SHOULDN'T wing?...
👉 Your School's Marketing

With Facebook and Google it's easier than ever to reach interested prospective families.
Getting in front of eyeballs is the easy part.
Just like we've done here, right?
But you've only got a couple of seconds to make them listen.
Ad-weary parents won't give your school the time of day.

They read what interests them. Sometimes that's an ad.
So, every social media post, blog, Facebook ad, and landing page must inspire them.

With Enrollhand you'll get help from 65+ school growth experts  & the latest technology in advertising, graphic design,  social media curation, online reviews management,  appointment scheduling & virtual tours, at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house.

Our pricing will put a smile on your face.
It's affordable, transparent and predictable, and fair.
Also, we don't ever want you to feel trapped in our relationship.
We only want you if you love us.
So no lengthy commitment, just an email, and we'll stop your recurring billing right away — it's that simple.

🎯 Start with our Free Growth Assessment (and we'll only offer to help if we think we can).