Are your school's ads NOT converting?

You spend hours putting together a beautiful set of posts...
You spend a few more hours writing authentic copy to go along with them.
You boost them...wait with anticipation! And crickets...
Well, you're not alone.

Most school marketers don't get the results they want.
And most school leaders who hire marketers aren't satisfied.

Let's go over why so many struggle with Facebook ads and copywriting and how you can avoid being one of them.

✅ Reason #1: They Don't Research Enough
If you're not researching your parent audience, you're just guessing.
This is a losing strategy.
Instead, you want to go where your parent prospects hang out online, find out what they care about, find out how they talk and then start writing.
✅ Reason #2: They Don't Collect and Analyze Data
Unless you collect data, you have almost no shot at improving performance.
What gets measured gets managed. Start measuring which audience targeting is converting and which ad within that audience is bringing inquiries.

✅ Reason #3 They Don't Appeal To Deep Emotions
Features barely convert.
Benefits convert better.
Deep emotions convert best.
You find those from researching your parent audience.
Tapping into parents' emotions is perhaps the only way to convey your school's brand and get them to take action.

✅ Reason #4: They Don't Focus on the Hook
Most parents will only give your ad 3 seconds of attention before they continue scrolling.
That's why you need to hook them FAST.
If you don't, you'll lose half your readers almost instantly.

✅ Reason #5: They Don't Finish Strong
The beginning is the most important part of your ad, but the end is crucial too.
If you don't finish strong, your parent prospects won't take action.
Reiterate your school's value proposition, then write a specific CTA.

💎 In short, the only way to get parents to convert is to stand out from the crowd of ads in their feed. Think deeply about what makes your school unique.
Without emotional, identity-creating qualities, a school can't prove itself in competition.
You have to bring to life the emotions that will fit into a coherent, appealing allegory for your school.