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What Are 'Swim Lane' Enrollment Funnels?
Marketing Tactics
This fall will be tough for all schools, colleges, and universities. Forecasts include campus closures, recruiting challenges, and plunging enrollment. To keep recruiting students you'll need an edge to attract, inspire, and nurture
How to Design Your School's Virtual Tour
Marketing Tactics
We are all in uncharted waters. Thrust into a new world of distance learning, your school is called once again to make a good first impression. This is a threat to schools that
A Growing Remarketing Parent Audience Is A Hugely Underrated Asset For Your School
Marketing Tactics
With a branding campaign, not only will we build awareness in the mind of local parents, but we will also be creating a very REAL CONCRETE ASSET from which to draw future enrollment fast and cheaply.
The Enrollhand Copywriting Rubric
Marketing Tactics
1 POINT - Storytelling using a fictionalized scenario in order to SHOW the parent rather than TELL her about the school 1 POINT - Write specifically about how the parent will benefit by
How to Change Parents' Minds About Their Child's School
Marketing Tactics
We are in the business of persuasion.We persuade parents to reconsider their current choice of school, compare it with YOUR school's promise and reach out to you to schedule a tour. Persuasion
The Growth Mindset of the School Entrepreneur
Branding Strategies
We are getting pushback from a client school on our R&D ads. The head of school is concerned about doing any testing at all. She is reluctant to send out variations
Ask for Social Shares on Your 'Thank you' Pages...
Marketing Tactics
Most school websites send email subscribers to a generic 'thank you' page that doesn't give them any additional action to take. We recommend a strategy that replaces your "dead end" thank you page
How To Deal With Bad Reviews And Still Get The Enrollment
Marketing Tactics
Every administrator has to deal with parents' objections. It's part of the job. And with practice, you become much more comfortable managing them. But there's one objection that many of us have trouble
On Momentum in School Marketing
Marketing Tactics
Everything in life needs build-up. You stretch before you exercise. You go through small talk before moving to deeper topics. You date before you marry. Content marketing is to parents what the stove
500,000+ Parent Inquiries Have Taught Us These Four Things
Branding Strategies
You want to be the school that gets to financial stability with calm; serenely and quietly. You don't want to be the school that succeeds but needs to hustle; with high strung leadership,
Should you hire a school marketing agency?
Ask Enrollhand
There are only three reasons to hire external support for your school's growth: You are facing flat or declining enrollment. If your school's growth is stalling an agency can bring you a few
The Great School Marketing Debate: Rational Versus Emotional
Branding Strategies
Imagine one day you arrive at your school at 8 am as parents and buses are dropping off your students. You walk into your office to a ringing phone. You pick up, and
Teacher Campaign Template #28
Social Media Marketing
Can you remember a teacher who took something hard and made it easier?   The teacher who hadn’t forgotten how it feels to be a student... The teacher who kept asking gentle questions
Our Weekly Feedback Survey
Marketing Tactics
The Google founders recommend that all companies ask their customers, "How disappointed would you be if we no longer existed?" So we added it to our weekly feedback survey.   Last week 80% of
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