Marketing Tactics
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Storywrap Your School
Marketing Tactics
Your school's reputation doesn't come from how you talk about yourself. It comes from how parents and students talk about you. So how do you get them thinking about you? Parents do, of
Are Parents' Exploding Expectations Impacting Your Enrollment?
Marketing Tactics
⚡️ As schools, you often think about how your marketing compares to your direct competitors — the private, charter, or public school down the road. 📊 But today, families compare your school to all their daily
The 3 Elements of Winning School Websites
Growing Enrollment
Having worked with 1,700+ schools in our lifetime, we know a thing or two about school websites. We've studied thousands of school ads, websites, and landing pages.We've also worked with all types of websites, including Finalsite, Edlio, OneCampus, and plain-old WordPress...
Are your school's ads NOT converting?
Marketing Tactics
You spend hours putting together a beautiful set of posts... You spend a few more hours writing authentic copy to go along with them. You boost them...wait with anticipation! And crickets... Well,
Sarah vs. Enrollhand
Marketing Tactics
A school can't grow its enrollment with ads alone. You also need the right automation systems and follow-up strategies. But having a team that can produce beautiful, scroll-stopping, powerful ads can boost inquiries
🎉 Here's How To Show Off Your School
Marketing Tactics
A cup of tea steams beside your smartphone. ☕️ Sunbeams shine through the shutters as you read the morning news lying in bed. An ad for Nike pops up. It reminds you of the
School Marketing is more than just ads and algorithms.
Branding Strategies
It's community, stories, experiences, connection, trust, and so much more. Good school marketing really boils down to one thing: Can you understand your parent audience on a real, human level and genuinely connect
Your competition is talking about you…
Engaging Your Community
Your competitors are talking about you… They have a lot to say - whether you are listening or not. It’s a bit of a pinch to find out why someone chose a
How We Use Landing Pages
Marketing Tactics
Many school leaders ask us why we don’t send our prospective parents to their website. You may have spent a lot of time updating your website, adding the latest content, and taking
A School strategy after a Net Promoter Score Survey: Our 5-Step Process to grow your NPS Points
Ask Enrollhand
For NPS to mean something, a school needs to calculate the score and act on it. Here are five tips that can help your school grow from its results:
Practical Tips: The Perfect School Tour Framework
Engaging Your Community
Getting parents in the (virtual) door is only half the battle. Families visiting your school is literally where the rubber meets the road. To maximize those efforts and make your school tour shine, follow these simple tips.
School Mystery Shopping: A Case Study
Growing Enrollment
This past summer, we worked with a small school on a mystery shopping project. The school was keen to understand the overall experience that prospective parents received when communicating with the school.
Is Your School Admissions Strategy Working? 4 Stats You Need to Know
Ask Enrollhand
We live in a world that revolves around data – it’s all about how you use it. Just as monitoring your school’s daily activity on Facebook can help you meet your social media strategy goals, monitoring admissions activities can help your team meet enrollment goals.
7 Ways to Make Your Next Follow-Up Your Best Follow-Up
The World of Education
Following up on prospective parents can feel painful. Making several calls, writing, and sending emails is not an easy task. So now, maybe you reached out a couple of times, and then you wait for a response. You've done your job. You've reached out. And then when you don't hear back, you give up...
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