Challenges Make For Great School Leaders

You decided to devote your life to education.
You knew that salaries have been declining for years.
But you wanted a way to make an impact.

When you moved up to a leadership position, you felt like you had taken your first big step in accomplishing your dream.

Growing your community, empowering the next generation.

A few years later, you've found your team, you're on your way.
It takes patience.

But you're fighting against all odds.
Over 1,500 schools close every year.

The  reason you're surviving?

You learn something new every single day:

- Build your leadership team
- Hire teachers
- Replace teachers
- Persuade parents to enroll
- Work with a lawyer
- Work with your business manager
- Create a curriculum students love
- Make your school affordable
- Understand business analytics
- Motivate your staff
- Create a community
- Market your school

That’s a ton of lessons.
Here’s the twist: Every learning lesson requires you to practice entrepreneurship.

Agility, resourcefulness, self-awareness, ingenuity.

Did you know that you are an entrepreneur?