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The Deployment Age of EdTech, with Amit Patel
In this episode, we talk about how the education technology infrastructure investments years ago create the conditions for the EdTech boom today.
How did a 120-student school in St. Paul, Minnesota, rip through a stagnant enrollment level to reach 200 students in under nine months?
The World of Education
❌ Challenges Overcrowded & saturated market.Families are moving out of the neighborhood due to changing financials.Wrong perceptions: their programs are not considered rigorous enough.They only go through 5th grade.   ✅ Opportunities Public
Why is the Great Hearts school network so popular?
The World of Education
The Great Hearts school network is extraordinarily popular. How did they become the largest network of classical schools in the country? 22,000 students (up from 7,000 in 2013)52% Classroom Instruction
Return on Education: access, costs, outcomes and leverage, with Deborah Quazzo
The World of Education
In this episode, we look at EdTech trends post-pandemic, glean a couple of key takeaways from the latest ASU+GSV summit, speculate on the race to the first $100B EdTech company, and, most importantly, talk about Return on Education and what a ROE school would look like.
Where games end and social learning begins, with Mercedes Bent
In this episode, we explore how EdTech is shifting and giving more power to parents and students. We look at social learning and gaming, which together offer a lot of promise for the future of education.
Decentralized Schools, with Rebecca Kaden
The World of Education
In this episode, we talk about how new technology can decentralize many aspects of what school is today, so that the learning experience can really feel individual for each student.
Private and Public School Enrollment Drops 2.6 million
The World of Education
📊 In 2020, private and public schools saw a decrease of 2.6 million in student enrollment. But over 40% of parents nationwide remain undecided and are still shopping around. 🤷🏻‍♂️ About twice as many
The Unique EdTech Business Models Coming Out of Europe
In this episode, we talk about the evolving EdTech landscape in Europe as well as the unique attributes of rising European education companies.
Parents Are Asking About Your Maths & English Programs
Parents have become more skeptical than ever about schools' ability to recover and supercharge math and English skills in large classrooms.
Will the Consumerization of Education Continue?
In this episode, Jennifer and I talk about how student engagement is an outcome of strong pedagogy. We then describe a new generation of global education companies that are partnering with school districts.
Why The Teacher's Job Should Be Unbundled
Build something kids will love and then figure out how to accomplish academic objectives within this highly motivated kind of environment. I like that as a first principle of building a new school.
🧭 Roadmap Club, a Feedback Loop All Schools Should Have
In this episode, we catch up after our first chat 2 years ago. Then the school was just starting, now there is an innovative yet mature high school operating entirely online. It is the first digital-native high school I have studied closely, so I wanted to dig into their entire operating system.
How hard can school marketing be?
Branding Strategies
A lot of schools underestimate the amount of effort and resources an enrollment marketing campaign requires. Pictures of happy students doing hands-on activities will help with retention, but can they generate new inquiries and enrollments for schools?
420 Learning Guides Coach Learners Towards Mastery, with Kelly Smith, CEO at Prenda
Engaging Your Community
Our guest today is Kelly Smith. He is the founder and CEO of Prenda schools, a network of microschools that is spreading like wildfire across state lines, bringing project-based learning and mastery-based education to a neighborhood near you.
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