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Learning is a lot like surfing...
The World of Education
While raising my 3yro & 6yro I'm realizing the value self-paced learning. Learning is like surfing; push too early and you're wiped out by the wave, paddle too late and the wave passes
What's Your School's ROI  for Each Family?
The World of Education
Why is public education winning out to such an extent over the past 20 years? Public education enrollment has grown by about 8% since 2001, while private school enrollment has dropped by a
New Study Reproduces the NCES May 2019 Numbers
Growing Enrollment
New study reproduces the NCES May 2019 numbers; the highlights being: ⁍ Public school enrollment is projected to be 'flattish' through 2028 (+3%). All southern states seem to be 'cooling off' following 15 years
Steer Your School Into The Grant-Making Wind
Grants & Fundraising
It happens more often lately. You get a knot in your stomach. Surprises at work. This time, it’s when you open your browser to unexpected news: the neighboring school district got awarded a six-figure grant from an out-of-state private foundation.
School Marketing's Unlikely Future
Social Media Marketing
Eventually, even an enrollment funnel that pulls parents through their decision-making process will not be sufficient.
School Branding Over the Decades
Branding Strategies
I've been watching "Mad Men" reruns recently. It's made me think deeply about how marketing & branding have evolved over the decades. Here are Madison Avenue's themes since the 1950s: 50s - Comfort,
Will School Choice Decline?
The World of Education
Today more than half the United States (about 30 States) offers some kind of extended educational choice to families: Individual Tax Credit/DeductionTax Credit/Deduction, VoucherOpen EnrollmentCharter SchoolsEducation Savings AccountWhatever your view, we
Schools, Unbundled: Creative Destruction, Good or Bad?
The World of Education
We have to prepare our students for this brave, new world. But should we also prepare for a structural transformation of our schools? Schools choosing to outsource their non-core functions, shrinking, becoming smaller and agile?
Are Schools Stuck in the Past?
The World of Education
Here are a few things that didn’t exist last time Tiger Woods won the Masters: Twitter, iPhone📱, iPad, Kindle, 4G, Android, YouTube, App Store, Uber, Airbnb, Blockchain, Bitcoin, 🎧 Spotify, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp,
Schools Believing They Cannot Grow Without Social Media Marketing Up 17% Since Last Year
Growing Enrollment
Did you know that over 70% of schools nationwide believe they won’t make it without digital advertising? Here’s an interesting fact: We surveyed over 400 schools these past three months and
Your School is NOT a Starbucks
The World of Education
I had landed in Portland, Oregon the night before. I had gotten a total of 5 hrs sleep. Before heading to my first meeting, I walked into a Starbucks, a few miles down
Technology Integration In The Classroom, Made Easy
Right or Wrong School Choice is a Force to Be Reckoned With
The World of Education
It's been a punishing decade for districts nationwide. State funding fell sharply, and local funding didn’t make up the difference. In most states, K-12 funding remains below 2008 levels. We're now also
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