How to Design Your School's Virtual Tour

We are all in uncharted waters.
Thrust into a new world of distance learning, your school is called once again to make a good first impression.
This is a threat to schools that stall under pressure and a huge opportunity for the rest.
With fewer students physically visiting before applying, you need a new, yet easy and affordable way
✓ to differentiate your school,
✓ convey its culture, and
✓ tell your unique story.

“I’d love to see the inside of this school, but I can’t get there right now to tour.”
“I wonder what the classrooms look like? It’s hard to tell from the description, and photos might be out of date or staged.”
“Do they have nice sports fields? A theater? A healthy cafeteria? Is there tech in the classrooms? Are they investing in facility upgrades?”­­

🏫 But students want to see more than buildings.
There’s an easy way to show them way more... and get it up and running asap.
💡 Setting up a Virtual Tour Funnel
(social media ads -> webinar interview -> images + video) is easier than you think...
Virtual tours & interactive web content give parents and students a feeling of being a familiar part of your school, even from a distance. ­­

📌 Here are a few easy and affordable tips to start transitioning your web presence towards a VIRTUAL TOUR:
👉 Post a picture on your Instagram of a student standing in the entryway of their dorm. Have the button (Call-To-Action) say, Come on Inside.
👉 Have several buttons (Call-To-Actions) on your website inviting students inside a classroom, canteen, principal's office -each with their own 2 min video loop.
👉 If you're running ads to attract student-athletes, create a unique mini-tour highlighting your athletic, gym, and training facilities.
👉 If you're recruiting for performing arts, bring them backstage and let them peek out from behind the curtain to see the audience.
👉 Create a 25-minute webinar where your school leader is interviewed while the visitor goes through a slideshow of your school.
👉 Instead of a boring FAQ section, create an immersive experience where a faculty member gives answers and web visitors can directly ask additional questions to that particular staff member (using Videoask by Typeform).