Enrollment Attribution

We are sometimes told by our clients that they don't know if their current enrollments can be attributed to Enrollhand.

- Connecting the Dots -

Although it might be hard to trace the causality of marketing effects, we know from experience that our Facebook ads create ambient awareness that goes well beyond the individuals that click on an ad or fill out their information. For example, some might see the ad and contact you directly, through your page, or even talk to other parents about your school.

Our ads get the conversation started, and like an avalanche, the momentum we build is undeniable - like all good marketing campaigns do, across every industry.

- Digital Word of Mouth-

Not all parents come directly from our funnel. Have you seen social media posts with a comment underneath them that is just a mention of a name? X number of Shares? Entire discussions about a school?

Have you seen posts where it says that someone likes this brand or that someone visited this or that restaurant?

This is digital word-of-mouth. It's real and we've witnessed it work in our field, too, by benefiting over 200 schools so far.

It's organic, ambient awareness that you can't buy outright, but methodically build over time.

- Metrics of Success -

We might be funneling leads to you, but the real metric is enrollments.

Some parents might see your ad and discuss with their friends before visiting your school. When you ask them how they heard about your school they will say "a friend told me".

People don't like admitting that they're affected by ads and marketing. Would you? But we all are when we feel that the ad is relevant to us. That's how services like Youtube and Facebook have redefined advertising on an unprecedented scale.

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Online marketing is not about interrupting the user, it's about blending their existing interests with their potential interests. When prospects don't remember seeing an ad, it's a success.

- The Small Pond and The Open Sea -

You might have enrollments from people who know you already. Perhaps due to proximity or because they know parents who have children at your school. These are the easiest enrollments to secure and you would be getting them either way. That's an audience that's already warmed up. That's your small pond.

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However, you can't rely on these enrollments to grow.

We help you build a system - one that converts cold prospects with zero awareness into a tour or even enrollment. That's the open sea.

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Of course, it's harder to find, engage, and confirm such leads. Yet, if your aim is true, sustained growth, you need to unlock that channel and keep it flowing. These two types of enrollment are complementary, not comparable. One cannot substitute for the other. So, why not have both?

- Breaking the Barriers -

Imagine a heavy, locked door.

On one side, there's you. On the other are potential enrollments.

We use our experience and knowledge to crack the door in a way that makes parents eager to come through it. Some might slip through, but over time we will break it open. Once we do, you'll feel justified in trusting us with your present and future success.