Are Parents' Exploding Expectations Impacting Your Enrollment?

⚡️ As schools, you often think about how your marketing compares to your direct competitors — the private, charter, or public school down the road. 📊
But today, families compare your school to all their daily services — even consumer brands like Amazon, Chick-fil-A, Lyft, and Netflix.
With tons of amazing new consumer products on the market, expectations have exploded.

🌍 Grandma can order grocery delivery in under 10 minutes, mom can order herself a new car in three clicks, dad can watch whatever sports game he wants on the web, and uncle Bob can refinance his mortgage without picking up the phone. ☎️📈 So families have come to expect more from their school.

Why wouldn't they?
The world is advancing faster than ever before.
Families are harder to impress, and your school's marketing strategies need to reflect that.