🎉 Here's How To Show Off Your School

A cup of tea steams beside your smartphone. ☕️
Sunbeams shine through the shutters as you read the morning news lying in bed.

An ad for Nike pops up.
It reminds you of the Nike running shoes you were looking at last week.
You give those shoes another look—maybe you'll buy them after all?

👉 🚧 Remarketing just hijacked your attention.  🚧 👈

That's how remarketing works, and it constitutes one of the biggest potential wins for enrollment marketing.

Why? Only 2% of parents inquire on their first visit to a website (yes, you read that right — just two percent)! 👨‍👩‍👦

So parents need to see you at the office, in their car, at the grocery shop, doing laundry — a minimum of 8 times before they engage.

🎯 They need to see a sequence of messages at different stages of their journey (Saturday's open house, your team wins the national wrestling championship, high-school students getting into college, new offers on student materials, enrollment season starts, etc.).
Done properly, remarketing should be like having your school's newsletter shown through vibrant, fun, storytelling Facebook posts.


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