How do you write a Facebook Ad that drives enrollment?

Sadly, many schools TRY to write their own ads; the results are unfortunate...

Ads full of clichés and sentences that seem to go nowhere.
Imagine a parent, sitting on her couch, scrolling through her Facebook feed.
She sees an ad from your school and a couple more from the surrounding area…
“Small class sizes, tight-knit community, nurturing environment…”
They’re identical. She moves on.
In five minutes she won’t be able to tell them apart.
She won’t even remember the name of each school she saw.
Your marketing dollars thrown to the wind...
Bad ads stop today!

How do you write a Facebook Ad that drives enrollment?
At Enrollhand, the global leader in school branding, this is something we obsess about.

Here’s an ad that got 44 inquiries in just two weeks for a college prep S.T.E.A.M focused academy in Stone Mountain, Georgia:


“Linda scored above average on the math section of the SAT…
...and was accepted at her first choice college.
She needed confidence as much as she needed math skills.
But it wouldn’t have happened without [School Name].
Passing students along without helping them build character isn’t good enough…
We understood her as a whole person...
We gently challenged her to set goals and supported her to reach them.
Your child is more than a folder full of test scores, report cards, and evaluations.
We see every student as a whole person.
Tap here to find out more about getting a “whole child” education!”


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