A lot of schools underestimate the amount of effort and resources an enrollment marketing campaign requires.

Most of them try to put their school on Instagram and Facebook. They might select one of their teachers who might be good behind a camera, and they start writing frequent updates about their programs and activities.

These steps are technically in the right direction, but it turns out the message will probably only reach existing families. They will love seeing photos of their kids building Lego robotics and gardening!

Pictures of happy students doing hands-on activities will help with retention, but can they generate new inquiries and enrollments for schools?

Most probably not...

Like so many other things, social media marketing is a bit more complicated than it looks.

What do you always tell your students? "When you're stuck, raise your hand and ask for help."

The majority of our customers were searching for a partner who knew how to fill their empty seats. And, that's a rare skill set, not only for an individual but for a company as well.

Fast-forward to today, we've worked with more than 500 schools, assisting them in reaching their enrollment goals.

As a school leader, it's part of your job to know when to ask for help and to choose a partner that brings something valuable to the table you cannot.