How Is Enrollhand Sooo Affordable For Schools?

Every day we wake up we do two things:

1. We follow parents' attention.
We observe and listen, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, TikTok, Youtube;
all day, across 50 states.
We are blindly parent-centric.
We know we are helpful to schools only if we can get parents' attention.
To earn it all we do is look at
- what parents are doing
- what parents are saying
- what parents are feeling
- where parents are spending their time
Every single day.

2. We are day-traders of parent attention.
We're all about getting underpriced attention for our schools.
Getting them in front of parents at the lowest rate.
So, today it's all about social media.
Social is so wildly underpriced; so that's where all our budget goes.
TV, radio, billboards & print are all hugely overpriced; the return on ad spend just isn't there.

❌ 30 second spots on TV are bad
❌ flyers are bad
❌ billboards are bad

✅ five second videos on TikTok are good
✅ three minute little 'docuseries' on YouTube are good,
✅ Facebook and Instagram stories are good

But we're ruthlessly platform-agnostic.
For schools, value is in the message, not the medium.
What matters is striking a platform while it's hot; to spread the word at the lowest cost.

We'll switch to any channel, any medium in a heartbeat if it makes financial sense for our schools.

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