Three Steps to Help You Steer Your School In This Whirlwind of Change
The World of Education
In this new world that is dawning, your school is once again making a first impression. Parents are seeing you in a different light. They're asking themselves, Have they got this, or are
A Growing Remarketing Audience Is A Hugely Underrated Asset
Marketing Tactics
With a branding campaign, not only will we build awareness in the mind of local parents, but we will also be creating a very REAL CONCRETE ASSET from which to draw future enrollment fast and cheaply.
Thrive Book Review: Promise and Deliver
It has become popular to sneer at our education system’s factory model. We call for the death of schools in favor of Airbnb-like learning communities.
The Enrollhand Copywriting Rubric
Marketing Tactics
1 POINT - Storytelling using a fictionalized scenario in order to SHOW the parent rather than TELL her about the school 1 POINT - Write specifically about how the parent will benefit by
Making Education Free for Students, with Trevor McKendrick
Our guest today is Trevor McKendrick, Chief of Staff at Lambda School, where students graduate and get the job because they got the skills - and it’s free until they get a job paying over $50K.
Out of the Textbook and Into the Flow, with Joel Rose
In education, the obvious place to cut your teeth is as a teacher. Joel Rose knows the classroom well.
The Real Way Technology Will Impact Our Classrooms, with Matt Greenfield
From where do contemporary, resilient changes begin - from a top-down mandate, or from a bottom-up, tech-driven evolution?
How to Change Parents' Minds About Their Child's School
Marketing Tactics
We are in the business of persuasion.We persuade parents to reconsider their current choice of school, compare it with YOUR school's promise and reach out to you to schedule a tour. Persuasion
How to Strategically Position Your School
Branding Strategies
Competition is a fact of life and it makes growing enrollment difficult (while also putting downward pressure on tuition for private schools). Finding a unique, unchallenged space in your neighborhood's market is the
Our Plans for 2020
    We're bringing 3 Big NEW Things To Enrollment Marketing in 2020 to help you out! Partnering with the #1 Identity Marketing Platform GloballySmarter, More Effective AdsDeploying our framework for creative testing to help
Learning is a lot like surfing...
The World of Education
While raising my 3yro & 6yro I'm realizing the value self-paced learning. Learning is like surfing; push too early and you're wiped out by the wave, paddle too late and the wave passes
How to Join the Education Revolution, with Clark Aldrich
Our guest today, Clark Aldrich, is on the frontline of the learning revolution. He is the author of five books and is known for award-winning projects building custom “Short Sims” using a methodology he has pioneered.
How to Access the “Three Buckets of Money,” with Michele Timmons
Having connected her clients to over $200 million in grants through the work done by her company - EnvisionEdPlus, Michele Timmons is the right person to go to for an in-depth look at the funding panorama. She is passionate about helping schools support young people to thrive in school and beyond.
Four Steps to Sustainably Engage Foundations, with Yossi Prager
AVI CHAI has invested over $300 million to benefit Jewish education through a wide variety of programs.
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