The Deployment Age of EdTech, with Amit Patel
In this episode, we talk about how the education technology infrastructure investments years ago create the conditions for the EdTech boom today.
How did a 120-student school in St. Paul, Minnesota, rip through a stagnant enrollment level to reach 200 students in under nine months?
The World of Education
❌ Challenges Overcrowded & saturated market.Families are moving out of the neighborhood due to changing financials.Wrong perceptions: their programs are not considered rigorous enough.They only go through 5th grade. Β  βœ… Opportunities Public
Why is the Great Hearts school network so popular?
The World of Education
The Great Hearts school network is extraordinarily popular. How did they become the largest network of classical schools in the country? 22,000 students (up from 7,000 in 2013)52% Classroom Instruction
3x Your Enrollments Using the CLASP Framework
Admissions is all about converting the prospective family into an enrollment. The goal is to present and persuade parents about your school. It is the last mile of your parents' long decision journey.
The 3 Elements of Winning School Websites
Growing Enrollment
Having worked with 1,700+ schools in our lifetime, we know a thing or two about school websites. We've studied thousands of school ads, websites, and landing pages.We've also worked with all types of websites, including Finalsite, Edlio, OneCampus, and plain-old WordPress...
1 min read
Storywrap Your School
Marketing Tactics
Your school's reputation doesn't come from how you talk about yourself. It comes from how parents and students talk about you. So how do you get them thinking about you? Parents do, of
πŸš€ Once Funding Follows the Student, Enrollment Numbers Will Shift...
Social Media Marketing
School leaders still have this incorrect notion that alternative education is small. Learning pods, microschools & homeschooling now enroll a significant % of students. 🏑 🏠🚌🏫 The past 2 years have changed all this.For example,
Are your school's ads NOT converting?
Marketing Tactics
You spend hours putting together a beautiful set of posts... You spend a few more hours writing authentic copy to go along with them. You boost them...wait with anticipation! And crickets... Well,
Return on Education: access, costs, outcomes and leverage, with Deborah Quazzo
The World of Education
In this episode, we look at EdTech trends post-pandemic, glean a couple of key takeaways from the latest ASU+GSV summit, speculate on the race to the first $100B EdTech company, and, most importantly, talk about Return on Education and what a ROE school would look like.
The opportunity of last-mile job training
In this episode, we talk about how people's focus is shifting from the inputs to the output of education, how personalization is a misplaced idea, and how to successfully invest in job-training for young people.
A Few campaign Themes to Get Your Creative Juices Going
Branding Strategies
πŸ“What’s your #1 challenge in terms of enrollment? ️❌ Limited Awareness ❌ Difficult Location/Neighborhood ❌ Competition From Other Schools ❌ Perceptions (Bad reviews, PR issues, etc.) ❌ Marketing Efforts Don’t Generate Enrollments Regardless of the
Are You Winging Your School's Marketing?
Branding Strategies
Hi πŸ‘‹ again Mr. or Mrs. School Leader! OK, it's time for us to have a heart ❀️ to heart ❀️ chat. There are lots of things you can wing...σ €  Like road trips, your Netflix movie
Where games end and social learning begins, with Mercedes Bent
In this episode, we explore how EdTech is shifting and giving more power to parents and students. We look at social learning and gaming, which together offer a lot of promise for the future of education.
63% of K-12 schools will double their digital ad spend in 2021-2022
Growing Enrollment
Every school is running ads now. Two years ago our school clients were spending more on billboards than on social media. Today Facebook is dominating ALL school marketing ad spend. πŸ“ˆ In fact, 63%

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