We've just partnered with a wonderful PBL focused school in Southeast Seattle -in the wooded Seaview neighborhood just south of Alki Beach.

Like a sailship floating above Elliott Bay, reserved for about 240 kids, the school feels like the perfect place for its students to improve learning, seek challenge, grow from setbacks, build confidence and find personal relevance.

Its thoughtful curriculum and earthly colored wooden facilities combined with its nearness to the sea form a perfect setting to invigorate its students in mind, body and soul.
Talking to the leadership team last week, you get the feeling they are fiercely passionate about improving their students' problem-solving and collaboration skills, enhancing their attitudes towards learning and increasing their long-term retention of content.

And yet, we're gearing up to refund them and suggest we part ways. It is going to be the first time we "fire" one of our clients.

Following three weeks of in-depth research, we were getting ready to launch our "R&D" ads when we started getting tremendous pushback.

Let me explain further.