"Over time, people are increasingly focused on what the outcome of education is. If you pick up a US news and world report and look at the rankings, the rankings are input based. And I think as we move into the future will become more outcomes-based." - Daniel Pianko

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Our guest today is Daniel Pianko. Daniel is a Managing Director at Achieve and University Ventures. He has a long experience adviser and innovator in student finance, medical education, and postsecondary education.

In this episode, we talk about how people's focus is shifting from the inputs to the output of education, how personalization is a misplaced idea, and how to successfully invest in job-training for young people.

In our discussion, we cover:

  • 02:06 - How people are increasingly focused on the outcome of education
  • 04:22 - Why personalized learning is a misplaced idea, the holy grail that will never be achieved. Team work is a better strategy to enhance learning
  • 10:34 - We describe an example of a charter school that transitioned successfully from a directive learning style to a more aspirational, student-led curriculum
  • 17:21 - Why Zoom schooling has just exasperated the equity challenges
  • 23:22 - How last-mile training may be the answer to pull things along
  • 27:45 - The concept that schools do job-training in a vacuum is part of the problem. Companies should pay for job training instead
  • 29:04 - The public school system should embrace last-mile job training to increase relevance and enrollment

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