School leaders still have this incorrect notion that alternative education is small.
Learning pods, microschools & homeschooling now enroll a significant % of students. 🏡 🏠🚌🏫

The past 2 years have changed all this.

For example, homeschooling enrollment alone is compounding...
1973: 13,000
1980: 20,000
1983: 93,000
1990: 275,000
1997: 1,000,000
2003: 1,400,000
2007: 1,920,000
2010: 2,040,000
2016: 2,150,000
2018: 2,380,000
2020: 5,610,000
2021: 5,800,000

This growth has mainly happened without state funding.
One of the biggest trends in the next 10 years will be education funding following the child.
🚀 Once funding follows the student, these numbers will skyrocket.

Competition is growing from online as well as fresh, fast & agile, brick & mortar operators.
For example, Higher Ground Education opened their school in under 90 days.
It used to take 2+ years to open a school. 📊

So differentiating your school is more crucial than ever.
School offerings are splintering, parents have options, they're in the driving seat, and they know it.
This involves offering families something that the school down the road cannot or does not offer -a Unique Value Proposition (UVP).
Ideally, you distinguish your curriculum or programs from the competition at every stage of the educational cycle -from enrollment to graduation.

At the same time, schools today are faced with reduced budgets and financial uncertainty. Marketing may be key to enrollment recovery, but schools will only accept campaigns with proven and predictable ROI. 🚀

At Enrollhand, we've built the "anti-agency" - a next-generation full-service enrollment growth team.

We help grow schools that step up for the challenge of doing the right thing.

These ambitious school leaders can genuinely feel they have a specialist in their corner - a growth team that understands their difficulties and has their back.

🎉 Our services cater to every stage of the school's journey.
At first, you'll need a brand, strategy, and marketing infrastructure to enroll your first students.
As you're growing, you'll need ongoing marketing campaigns and automation that bolsters your enrollment funnel.
If your enrollment has matured, you'll need a broader reach such as PR, awareness campaigns, and strategic ad buying.

👉 We like to keep engagements as flexible as possible (monthly cancel-anytime service, no lockups, no long-term contracts) because schools are always discovering new enrollment opportunities and fresh pockets of prospective families. 🌏

Our long-term relationships start with an enrollment growth playbook, and we identify the north star metrics to align everyone.

👩🏻‍🏫 What are the pros and cons of hiring a growth team like Enrollhand (compared to an in-house marketer)?

✅ Finding a full-time hire is a great option for many schools.
The major benefit is the expertise, and experienced in-house marketer will bring to your school.

A full-time, smart growth marketer that can squeeze the most out of a small budget and stay in lockstep with your school's strategy can be a huge asset.

The biggest risk is finding the right fit, investing in a hire upfront, and hoping they'll be with you for the long term.

Ultimately, an in-house hire is right if you're confident in the channels that work for you and just need someone to help you refine and grow those 1-2 channels.

The overarching benefit of hiring a growth agency is that it typically comes stacked with a full team that can get a holistic view of your enrollment funnel. They can immediately identify the best course of action and delegate execution tasks to true channel experts.
With an agency, you can often reallocate resources or adjust spending as your needs change.