Sarah vs. Enrollhand

A school can't grow its enrollment with ads alone.
You also need the right automation systems and follow-up strategies.

But having a team that can produce beautiful, scroll-stopping, powerful ads can boost inquiries in a really big way.

So let me explain the differences in generating online inquiries between Sarah (in-house school marketer) vs. Enrollhand (expert enrollment marketing team):

    🔴 Sarah, who does everything alone, can only produce a few creatives at a time.
    ✅ Enrollhand has world-class creative specialists who can make HUNDREDS of ads every month for our client schools.
    🔴 Sarah can only make static images using Canva.
    ✅ Our team uses the most advanced illustration, animation, and editing tools to produce engaging videos and infographics.
    🔴 Sarah can't spend all her time creating because she's involved in other parts of your school.
    ✅  Our team focuses on consistently conceptualizing and executing new themes, creatives, angles, copy etc.
    🔴 Sarah isn't able to make and test creatives fast, so her learning curve is slow.
    ✅ We're constantly creating and testing hundreds of new ads every day across 500+ schools. We're also learning from industry experts and taking courses to further improve our creative knowledge.
    🔴 Sarah doesn't have the time to devote herself to creative design.
    ✅ Our team can turn ideas into eye-catching visuals and engaging copywriting for your school because of our years of experience. We live and breathe creative conceptualization.

Enrollhand's advanced marketing platform helps K-12 schools double their inquiry rate and grow their enrollment.

Whether you're a brick & mortar or a virtual school, Enrollhand gives you the power to create targeted online journeys and experiences for your prospective parents.

We'll orchestrate the entire enrollment experience -we'll personalize your messaging, sequence your ads, generate leads, book phone appointments & schedule campus or virtual tours.