Storywrap Your School

Your school's reputation doesn't come from how you talk about yourself.
It comes from how parents and students talk about you.

So how do you get them thinking about you?

Parents do, of course, need to hear the facts about your school.
But these facts must be wrapped in narrative glue:

📝 Stories
⚖ ️Analogies
📚 Metaphors
🌎 Examples

What kind of reactions should you prompt?

✅ Counter-intuitive — "Oh, I never realized learning worked that way."
✅ Counter-narrative — "Wow, that's not how I was told the learning worked!"
✅ Shock and awe — "That's crazy. I would have never believed learning words this way ."
✅ Elegant articulations — "Beautiful. I couldn't have said it better myself."
✅ Make a parent or a student feel heard — "Yes! That's exactly how I feel about our learning path!"


  • Open parents' eyes by proving the status quo wrong.
  • Share the solution to the problem your programs are solving.
  • Distill an overwhelming educational topic into something approachable for parents
  • Tell a suspenseful and emotional story about a student or family and how your school supported them
  • Articulate something everyone single parent is thinking about but no one is saying. Cut through the noise.
  • Identify key trends in education. Then use them to predict the future of schooling.
  • Contribute original insights to K-12 education through your research and experimentation.

In short:

School Ad Quality = Novelty x Empathy