School Marketing is more than just ads and algorithms.

It's community, stories, experiences, connection, trust, and so much more.
Good school marketing really boils down to one thing: Can you understand your parent audience on a real, human level and genuinely connect with them?

And so, parents don't hate marketing. They hate:
❌  Ads that feel like ads
❌  Irrelevant messaging
❌  Lack of community
❌ Invasive pop-ups
❌ Faceless school brands
❌ Weak creativity
❌ Shallow stories
❌ Educational jargon

Our easiest and most important copywriting tip: if you wouldn't use a phrase in real conversations, don't use it in your school's ads, website, or flyers.

Reading your school's content out loud is SO important.
It helps you identify words and phrases that need replacing or simplifying.