Storytelling that Transforms the way Families see their School

Despite the daily flood of information, how does your school leave a lasting impression on your target group?

🌸 Stories can communicate school messaging with powerful persuasion. They simplify the complex, make everyday things more exciting - and win new fans.

🌻 More than ever, it’s crucial for schools to make connections, and storytelling brings specific, emotional messages to reinvigorate the school brand for your parent audience.

🌷 The relationships parents have with schools are similar to those that they form with other people. They may chat, tease, connect or not relate at all; they may drift through an affair or form a long, trusting relationship.

🌱 Only a school that understands and tries to shape its relationships can inspire families and create long-term bonds.


As an agency, we've told stories that have completely transformed the way parents see and engage with our schools.

With Enrollhand, you will give your parent community the attention they deserve:

✅ Get to know your target group.

Split testing allows you to show your visitors different versions of a website to measure which version performs better. With systematic tests, you will put an end to the guesswork of optimizing your website and messaging.

✅ You will be noticed, remembered, and talked about.

Parents are constantly searching the Internet for information and inspiration. We increase your reach on social media and ensure your school shows up in front of the right parent audience.

✅ You will form a lasting partnership with your target families.

What makes you unique as a school? Without emotional, identity-creating qualities, a school can't prove itself in competition.
We'll bring to life the stories that will fit into a coherent, emotionally appealing allegory for your school.