It's not just managing the workload, but managing personalities - you need to be a listener more than anything else. - John McLaughlin

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Our guest today is John McLaughlin. He has an M.Ed in Psychological Studies, a BA in English, and is a PhD candidate in Philosophy. John began his journey in publications, but he has spent the better part of his career working in admissions and recruitment, taking on different roles in the field: Admissions Counselor, Associate Director of Admissions, Director of Admissions, and most recently, Dean of Enrollment at Bristol Community College.

In this episode, John describes the different aspects of his work in admissions over the years. He talks about the role that marketing plays in assisting him to reach his goals for enrollment. Moreover, he discusses how Bristol Community College makes strategic plans to overcome current challenges and make a difference for the whole community.

Listen and take note of the strategy used by Bristol Community College to overcome the challenges that they may be presented with by demographics, career opportunities, and a changing economy.

In our discussion, we cover:

00:59 John responds to Alexis' question about the beginning of his journey. He discusses how he got into admissions and how he moved through different positions.

03:54 Alexis asks John how marketing fits into his role as Dean of Admissions.

08:13 John describes the managerial challenges of his role as Dean of Admissions and his priorities.

12:27 John and Alexis discuss who the target audience is and what the target areas are for BCC.

19:21 Alexis and John talk about how the best asset to have is people, and how social media can help.

22:45 John describes the different programs available in Bristol Community College like the Mass Transfer program, the 2+2 program and others.

24:42 Alexis asks John to identify the points that make Bristol Community College competitive.

29:53 John responds to Alexis’ question about what the biggest programs are at Bristol Community College.

33:42 John tries to identify the ways in which a recruiter’s work will change in the near future.

35:19 Alexis asks John to choose where he would put his money - marketing to students who are already aware, or marketing to create awareness for the college.


08:26 “It's not just managing the workload, but managing personalities - you need to be a listener more than anything else.

25:45 “ we sell the school: We look at accessibility, transferability, and affordability.

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