Questions to Ask Yourself About Your School


If I asked you to describe a friend in five words you’d have no problem. You would say she is kind and maybe fun, you may see her as loyal and altruistic.

But when you are asked to describe your school in a few words, you usually struggle.

As school leaders, we invest a lot of effort in becoming known in our community without often defining what we'd like to be known for.

If you want to define how your school's brand is perceived, then you need to be intentional about building that perception.

As the branding saying goes, "if you don’t tell your own story, your community will do it for you."


Questions You Have to Ask Yourself and Your Board:

  • Can you describe your school in three words?
  • Are those the three words you want to be known for?
  • Are those three words how your parent audience already describes you?
  • If so, how can you continue to tell that story?
  • If not, what needs to change for you to become the school you want to be?

The goal isn’t to manipulate your school's message—it’s to amplify the truth.