Having worked with 1,700+ schools in our lifetime, we know a thing or two about school websites.

We've studied thousands of school ads, websites, and landing pages.
We've also worked with all types of websites, including Finalsite, Edlio, OneCampus, and plain-old WordPress...

The most common problem? Low conversion rates.

These 3 tips will help you increase your conversion rate in under 5 min.

1) Start With The Copy

Don't overthink design before finalizing your copy.
Think of your landing page as a conversation with ONE parent.
Imagine you're speaking to that one parent.
Because at that moment, you are.
Each visitor is alone with your words.
Once you're done, design AROUND your copy.

2) One Value Proposition

Clarity tells the parent one thing: What can you do for me? And if a parent can't answer that after going through your landing page, then you have a clarity problem.

Imagine someone who gets on an elevator and wants to go down to the lobby. The more floors they stop at, the more frustrated they become.

Your site should focus on presenting one value prop for your school.
The rest of your headlines and copy should support this claim.
The more claims, the more confusion.
One claim. One goal.

Bonus tip: parents don't want to put in effort to read your copy.
So, use short, broken sentences...
that are easy to read...
and don't demand too much brainpower...
like what I'm doing here. 🙂

3) Make It All About The Parent, Not Your School

Talk to your parents, interview them, or survey them.
List the repeated keywords they mention.
Take these same keywords and inject them into your copy.
This will help you direct your words towards persuading your ideal parent.

Bonus tip: "You" is a power word. (Apple used it more than 100+ times on their iPhone 5's landing page. The copy focused on the user and not the iPhone. It catered to their needs and not the product's features.)