The Golden Age of Facebook Marketing for Schools


We are living through the golden age of Facebook marketing for K-12 education.
It is powerful, affordable and carries the vast majority of parents & students in its tracks.

You’ll be looking back at the day you decided not to invest into Facebook, and you’ll be banging your head against the wall.
Facebook will not be around forever as it stands today.
The opportunity for schools is now.

By 2022 it will not be as ubiquitous due to either competition or regulation.

So, what is the opportunity in dollar terms?
About 25 enrollments per year (depending on your budget) for four years equals 100 enrollments.
Multiply this by a 10k average revenue potential per student and a 4 yrs average stay for each enrolled student.
This leads to over $4m potential revenue at stake for your school.

Can you afford not to jump in now?